Transformation, Awareness, Inspiration is what Atousa Raissyan's artworks bring to your space. The artwork become a mirror for you to see yourself, your transformation and inspire you on your path.

Make A Wish a limited edition inspirational artwork that has an augmented reality effect as well.  This wall art for sale can be purchased in various sizes and mediums and brings a wonderful energy to any space.

Limited Edition Artworks | Augmented Reality Addition

Shadow and Light is an artwork inspired by a rumi poem to teach us that there is love in our shadows as well as our light and both are needed. This colorful magical wall art has an added augmented reality feature


Some of the artworks were inspired and created based on Rumi's inspirational poems about self Love, self awareness, surrendering, and trusting the flow of life.

Creation in Motion, wall art for sale, inspired by the four elements and their magic, together with beautiful poem from Atousa. This masterpiece has an augmented reality addition and it brings a wonderful energy to any space.


Some of the artworks were inspired by Atousa's own transformation which she has put into poems and quotes that inspire a collection of the artworks.

Phoenix Rising is a beautiful colorful artwork for sale with an additional augmented reality portion.  This artwork is inspires us to see the healer in all of us and that we are all rising out of ashes to be who we are meant to be.


These colorful magical artworks and their accompanying beautiful poems and quotes inspire us to look within to find love and all that we need. They teach us about life and transcending, to align with our higher self and our purpose in this life.

We had recently moved into our new home and I was looking for a piece to complete our living room. I fell in love with Atousa's work as soon as I saw it. The spiritual message in each piece is amazing. She was so patient with me as I was deciding between pieces. Loving each one and not being able to choose. She delivered the art to us in person accompanied by a letter of authenticity. Everyday as I pass by this piece, I absolutely love it. It is simply amazing!!

Niosha Razi

I was on a search for art after an office move and came across Atousa Raissyan's amazing piece, "Be Still". The metal print has the most amazing color and the image is one that stops everyone who passes it in their tracks. It is very calming in a chaotic work environment but at the same time it is a creative stimulant. It is now hanging in my office so I get to enjoy it every day. Atousa was very easy to communicate with and the piece was packaged professionally and shipped very timely.

C. Fondacaro

I needed artwork that would bring "good energy" to our family room. For over year, I searched for the right piece but nothing spoke to me like this piece did. It brings our family such joy when we look at. You can feel the intention of this creation and I'm in. I can't wait to be able to have my kids personal portraits done by Atoussa. She is light!

Nicole W.