Atousa Raissyan is an award-winning transformational visionary digital artist, certified Energy Healer, and a Shaman. Her art and her healing and spiritual practice are intertwined. Her colorful contemporary abstract artworks starts out as simple photographs of nature. She then digitally transforms the photograph by various layering, manipulating, and drawing techniques. Atousa uses her intuition, energy, and image formations as guides to create her artwork. Her art can also be categorized as Spiritual and Psychedelic Art.

So just as we are formed by these layers of habits, beliefs and personas, her art is made up of layers of photos, colors, and drawings, morphed together to represent each step of our transformation. Once complete, the artwork then becomes a limited edition print, that her clients can choose the size and print medium, metal, canvas, and acrylic. Her audience always engage with her artwork, since they can also see and feel their own transformation and energy in it, or what they wish for their transformation and energy. She believes that digital art is the wave of the future, a natural progression of art on canvas. Digital world gives her more freedom to bring out her imagination into life, something that is not accomplished easily with paint and canvas. Her canvas is her computer screen and her brush the mouse, the colors and options endless.

Atousa is the Artist and designs the products listed on this website.  The products on this page are manufactured and shipped directly by Pixels.